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The Law Of The Publishing Jungle,

Amazon Accused of Anti-Trust Violations “Tied” to Print-On-Demand Terms, O’Reilly Radar

Amazon defendant in class action lawsuit brought by BookLocker, Valleywag

Amazon is Getting Sued, Mental Health for Writers

BookLocker Files Class Action Lawsuit Against, Easy Author Websites

Amazon Booksurge AntiTrust Lawsuit, The Pen And The Spindle

News Articles:

Maine publisher sues, cites antitrust laws, Associated Press

POD Publisher Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Amazon,

Bangor publisher suing Amazon in anti-trust case, Bangor Daily News

BookLocker Files Class Action Suit Against Amazon, Publishers Lunch

Class action suit filed against Amazon over POD bullying – with BookLocker as the primary plaintiff,

POD publisher files Amazon class action,

Amazon tyranny challenged in court,

Amazon faces class action suit over print on demand demands – printers miffed, The Red Ferret Journal

Antitrust Class Action Claims Amazon Abuses Market Power To Squash Print-On-Demand Rivals, Courthouse News Service

POD publisher files suit against Amazon in epic battle over on-demand contract, v, Mediabistro