Update On Status Of Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit

Just a quick update about the status of the lawsuit.  Amazon has retained Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP as their law firm.  Under the current scheduling order entered by the court, Amazon will be filing a motion to dismiss the case by June 30th. A motion to dismiss is basically Amazon’s legal argument as to why, even assuming the facts alleged in our complaint are true, those allegations do not constitute a violation of antitrust laws.  BookLocker will then have until July 31st to respond with an opposition brief. In the BookLocker opposition, we will detail all the reasons why we believe Amazon’s argument is wrong. Finally, Amazon will have the opportunity to file a reply brief on August 21st, after which the judge will make a determination as to whose argument is correct as a legal matter, and thus if the case can proceed.

7 thoughts on “Update On Status Of Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit”

  1. I hope if the case proceeds that book locker will move for a restraining order against Amazon to prevent them from turning off the buy it buttons.

  2. Isn’t this like the movie business where the movie makers are not allowed to own the theatres or something similar.
    If Amazon proceeds with it’s plans it will certainly be a form of book burning. So many will not be able to sell their books as we have in the past. Shame on them. Greedy

  3. Dear Angela: There is a lot more at stake than AMAZON snubbing the Anti-Trust Law of the U.S.A. Far too many of the corporations are acting as though because they are a big business they can manipulate the rest of us.
    Corporations serve by the grant of a charter. That which is granted can and, in this case, should be taken back.There are enough entrepenurial people in the world who couldd take their place. Nursing Home chains have a thing going where they actually cannot be prosecuted for abuse. I write for the elderly and this disturbs me very much. I also have three books I am working on and I certainly don’t want to surrender my individual rights to some mega corporation. Dick Learned

  4. I think Amazon is acting like Microsoft did in the ’90’s when the government threatened them with antitrust violations. They may have taken them to court. Anyway, I’ve been selling on Amazon for about 6 years. When we started with them, it was a good thing, but even the sellers are getting ripped now because Amazon refuses to set a minimum price for a used book and many people try to list books for .01 and hope to make money off postage.

    I have a book coming out with another publisher that is involved with a law suit with Amazon. Amazon is acting like a bully–the baddest kid on the block. I hope they get their block knocked off.

  5. Can we step back and ask what is the Big Picture for Amazon here? It seems to me that there must be a really big prize up the road if they are willing to risk so much wrath by switching off the ‘buy’ buttons and ‘forcing’ publishers to use BookSurge. So what can it be? In the UK, I’ll take a punt that the launch of Kindle later in the year has something to do with it – but I’d be interested in the view of others. There really has to be ‘another agenda’ you know!!

  6. CDC is like the Goliath of corporate firms. Their political influence reads like a who’s who of conservatives who for some reason value corporate monopolies over individuals and smalls businesses.

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