Bezos’ Raised Antitrust Fuss 10 Years Ago When Amazon Was Threatened

We recently ran across an interesting quote by Jeff Bezos, written 10 years ago when Barnes and Noble tried to buy Ingram Book Group. (The deal was abandoned by Barnes and Noble seven months later under pressure resulting from antitrust concerns of the FTC and independent booksellers.)’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, immediately took a defiant approach: “To our customers: Worry not … Those who make choices that are genuinely good for customers, authors, and publishers will prevail. Goliath is always in range of a good slingshot … Our long-term strategy has been to diversify our supplier base and to increase our direct purchasing from publishers.”
Source: Barnes & Noble Buys Ingram and Sets Off a Powder Keg

Pot, meet kettle.

2 thoughts on “Bezos’ Raised Antitrust Fuss 10 Years Ago When Amazon Was Threatened”

  1. Yes, indeed, pot meets kettle.

    Amazon seems to have shifted strategies since then, preferring to become the new Goliath and primed to be shot down by a few smooth stones. After all, Amazon shares the same vulnerabilities–and they’re all in the head.

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