2 thoughts on “Publisher’s Weekly Summarizes The Antitrust Arguments”

  1. paul rix wrote:
    > Hi Angie,
    Good luck with your case against
    Amazon. It seems as though they are going to try the same thing over
    here. Over my dead body! If they think they are going to use ****
    BookSurge to produce inferior copies of my books, just so they can make a
    few extra pennies per copy, they are sadly mistaken! I told one of their
    bosses this at a book festival recently, in front of quite a large
    crowd, mainly publishers. One of AuthorHouse’s bosses backed me up. I
    was actually quite embarrassed by the cheer I got.

    I’m with you 100% Angie. The thing is, over here they can’t print a
    single copy without the author’s permission via his or her publisher. I
    own the copyright on my books and my publisher has a contract with
    Lightning Source to print the books, which they do very well and
    quickly. We don’t actually sell many at all directly through amazon,
    indirectly by others who ‘piggy back’ on amazon, and usually discount
    below Amazon’s price, yes. Many of these offer 2nd hand copies, which
    turn out to be new ones ordered as required from Lightning Source.

    The whole thing is a mess, with so many fly by nights trying to
    make a quick buck out of authors, thank heavens I got lucky and picked a
    good publisher at the start.

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