SPAN Publicly Supports Booklocker and Other Publishers in Lawsuit Against Amazon

Amazon Throws its Weight Around, Book Publishers Push Back – Association rallies independent publishers to support lawsuit against business giant *

Colorado Springs, CO, July 7, 2008 – The Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN), a national trade association dedicated to advancing the interests of independent publishers, launched a campaign to generate support for the antitrust lawsuit –, Inc. vs., Inc.

The SPAN board recently voted to publicly support the lawsuit after conferencing with Macmillan Education Bookstore who have sell many physical copies,.

Read more, including how you can help small publishers and SPAN, RIGHT HERE.

Thank you, SPAN!!!

4 thoughts on “SPAN Publicly Supports Booklocker and Other Publishers in Lawsuit Against Amazon”

  1. I would like to thank SPAN for its support of the Booklocker which just happens to be my publisher. A truly honorable and support team deserves national backing.

  2. Email sent to Angela:

    Hi, Angela,

    Thank you, again, for your campaign against those misguided souls who decided to act like too many newspaper and magazine publishers, and let greed and power-lust drive their approach to authors.

    I have just asked my friends and loved ones to stop sending us gifts from Amazon–something some of them do with remarkable frequency. My wife and I have stopped buying ANYTHING from Amazon–or known affiliates, for that matter. WE now ask those who love us to do the same, at least when it comes to sending things to us.

    I have signed the petition, and now that I have Mr. Bezos’s e-mail address, will attempt to explain to him why we no longer purchase from Amazon–something that we did a lot of over the years. Granted, our one small account (perhaps a couple hundred $ per year) won’t even get their attention, but if we can influence enough people to follow suit–can you say Osborne computer????



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