7 thoughts on “VERY interesting article on why Amazon is losing contracts with large retailers!”

  1. Good to hear that Amazon is being affected adversely. Bullies usually rule until the masses rise up and kick their butts. Amazon should take a serious lesson as it was taught by Teddy Roosevelt so very long ago. That spirit is still alive. Whether it be the shoolyard bully or a bunch of criminals masquerading as legitimate businessmen as Amazon certainly appears to be, scumbags usually meet their Waterloo. Ask some of the other famous bullies througout history, Napolean Hitler and Saddam Hussein to name just a few.

  2. I live in England and buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. I know it probably won’t help an awful lot but if it ever comes down to boycotting this Nazi monopoly I’ll be you.

  3. Since I moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to the rural area where I now live, I have spent at least $50 a month at Amazon.com. Many months it has been over $100. Since I learned of their unfair treatment of electonic publications, I have been buying elsewhere. Until this kind of bullying stops, I will purchase nothing there that I can find somewhere else, and believe me, that is not much!

  4. Any company that assumes a large market share and establishes partnerships with other, similar businesses constitutes a trust. Any trust, by its very nature, restrains the free market and fixes prices. Amazon joins a long line of companies that have raised the ire of their customers and must be made to play fair.

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