4 thoughts on “Amazon / Booksurge Antitrust Hearing Recap”

  1. Are there any updates on this case? I first learned of Amazon’s monopolistic action this past March (2009) & have been periodically checking to see what’s happened with the case.

    Regardless of outcome, I will not use BookSurge for my POD plans, even if it means I can’t sell on Amazon — just because of the wrongness of their action. I hope you win, but I know that the courts are pretty corruptible these days when it comes to granting special rights to big business.

  2. Go Angela

    Anything you can do to discredit or at least make public the shenanigans of Amazon would be a strike for justice. . .well at least a start in the right direction. I agree that my book, soon to be POD by BookLocker (I hope) doesn’t need Amazon at all. I am closing my account with Amazon, I’ll go elsewhere. What’s happening now? Is it over? Some of us just sit around not knowing what’s going on. That’s not usually me, but in this case I am guilty. Go get ’em.


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